“Seven reports from seven different doctors, all of them come to one conclusion.”

— Abdal, 30, from Sudan living in the UK

“Brothers, nephews, nieces, all British.”

— Uncle, 59, from the Gambia living in the UK

“I could see black smoke all over the place, I could see soldiers and artillery.”

— Jacob, 34, from Somalia living in the UK

“From the beginning, nothing was clear to me.”

— Abdul, 30, from Burma living in the UK

“I cannot go back to my country because there is a risk for me to be put in jail or to be murdered.”

— Ulrich Maximilien, 33, from Central African Republic living in France

“I left Somalia when I was eight years old”

— Muktar, 26, from Somalia living in the UK

“I guess I was set free because of the war raging in Mali. I am still very scared to be sent back to Mali. I have no one left there “

— Tidiane, 16, from Mali living in France

“I wouldn’t wish this kind of life on my worst enemy.” 

— Boban, 33, from Macedonia living in Belgium

“Locked up or on the streets – there’s no difference.”

— Tareq, 27, from Irak living in Belgium

“I don’t want to live illegally anymore, I’m fed up. I just want to go back to Turkey. Release me? Forget it. I do not want to leave until you either send me back or resolve my problems.”

— Hagop, 29, from Turkey living in Belgium

“I was told that I would never make it to Armenia, that I would die on the way.” 

— Lala, 50, from Armenia living in Belgium

“I’d rather suffer in the cold than be sent back to a detention centre without my son.”

— Marie, 39, from Democratic Republic of Congo living in Belgium

“I was transferred to a detention centre in order to be sent back to Ghana, but was told my children would be staying in France. I was so upset.”

— Betty, 43, from Ghana living in France

“I am hopeful. I think it’s just a matter of time before the government decides to let me stay, because I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

— David, 33, from Sierra Leone living in Hungary

“My situation is hopeless. The disease that I caught here in France is slowly killing me, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

— Muhammad, 32, from Iran living in France

“Because of the impossible situation I’m in, my life has been put on hold.”

— Michel, 31, from Burundi living in France

“This pain remains in my heart forever.”

— Rehan, 22, from Afghanistan living in Hungary

“This situation is devil. I would go back, because it was better for me to go home.”

— Michael, 35, from Nigeria living in Hungary

“My mind is blocked here inside.”

— Mazim, 29, from Iraq living in Hungary

“Now, it has been for 12 years, and I still couldn’t find my place.”

— Kambale, 44, from Angola living in Hungary